All my images are in the "right-managed" category. This means that you cannot buy the image itself, but rather you buy a license for using it under specific and agreed conditions, and under a limited period of time. The negotiation of the rights and fees is between you and me. Please note that I cannot offer you exclusive use of a specific image if it is sold also in other stock agencies. If the image is sold only from my web site, I can offer you exclusive use, but at a much higher fee. In this case, I will also remove the image from my image stock, so that other customers cannot find it.

In order to quote a fee, I need to know how you want to use the image(s). You need to specify as follows:
Type of use (editorial, advertising, commercial, internet...)
The number of copies in case of printing.
Duration of use in case of electronic use.
Image size (in cm (or inch) if printed or in pixels in case of electronic use).
In which countries do you want to use it (domestic only or international use)?

The more specific you can be the more quickly and accurately I can quote a fee. In case of editorial use for example, please specify where you want to print it (book, magazine, calendar, brochure, poster, flyer, postcard...)

Purchasing procedure

Since I run a small business, there is no automatic download of high resolution images as it is the normal procedure in big image agencies.

I would advise the following procedure: First find your image(s) in a section Image search, with the help of keywords. When you find some images that could suit your needs, you can download low resolution (typically 600x400 pixels) watermarked images into your computer for easier comparison.

When you make a final selection, please contact me via Contact form or e-mail and let me know which images did you choose (specify image code (file name)) and thoroughly describe the image use. Based on this information I will prepare a quotation following the general calculation for right-managed images. When we both agree with the proposed fee, I will prepare the invoice and when the payment is confirmed, I will e-mail you high resolution image(s) (or use the WeTransfer service if files are too big for e-mail).

In general, during the working days, I answer within 24 hours, but sometimes I am on a diving trip without internet access. In that case, you could wait longer on my answer, in the worst case, the maximum of three weeks. Please be patient and contact me soon enough to avoid any inconveniences.

Compensation possibilities

In some cases it is possible to compensate image fees with your product, but only exceptionally if I am interested to accept your product. Please note that this is a very rare and specific case and should be discussed from case to case.