September 2018   Azores, Portugal  
July 2018   Sušac, Croatia  
June 2018   Sinai, Egypt  
February 2018   False Bay, South Africa  
December 2017   Marsa Shagra, Egypt  
November 2017   Mljet, Croatia  
August 2017   La Paz, Mexico  
August 2017   Cabo Pulmo, Mexico  
July 2017   Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico  
July 2017   Brač and Hvar, Croatia  
February 2017   Aliwal Shoal, South Africa  
October 2016   Guadalupe, Mexico  
October 2016   Santa Catalina, California, USA  
August 2016   Marsa Shagra and Wadi Lahami, Egypt  
July 2016   Murter, Žirje and Kornati, Croatia  
February 2016   Jardines de la Reina, Cuba  
October 2015   Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia  
October 2015   Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia  
October 2015   Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia  
September 2015   Cendrawasih Bay, Papua, Indonesia  
August 2015   Diving in island Sušac, Croatia  
February 2015   Diving in Bahamas  
December 2014   Diving in Shagra, Egypt  
October 2014   Diving in La Paz, Mexico  
October 2014  

Fashion collection "Spring 2015" of leading Slovenian fashion studio Draž with the motives from underwater images of Borut Furlan.

October 2014  

Underwater exhibition of underwater images in Piran, Slovenia. Images are exhibited in exactly the same ambient in which they were taken.

August 2014   Diving in Alor, Indonesia  
July 2014   Diving in Flores, Indonesia  
July 2014   Diving in Komodo, Indonesia  
July 2014   Diving in lake Bled  
May 2014   Nikonos RS R-UW AF 13mm f2.8 lens – adaptation to modern digital Nikon cameras in a Seacam housing and review  
February 2014   Diving in Ambon, Indonesia  
February 2014   Diving in Raja Ampat, Indonesia  
January 2014   "Fine Art Nudes" gallery is added  
October 2013   "Moving" gallery is added  
August 2013   Diving in Vis, Croatia  
July 2013   Diving in Bahamas  
June 2013   Diving in Florida, USA  
May 2013   Diving in Shagra, Egypt  
February 2013     A new book by Borut Furlan:
Piran, Where the Sea Meets the Town
January 2013   "Over - Under" gallery introduced instead of "Miscelaneous"  
December 2012   Seacam Silver D800/D800E  
December 2012   Nikon D800 in Praxis (Part 2: Underwater Photography)
December 2012   Nikon D800 in Praxis (Part 1: Land Photography)  
December 2012   Lenses for Nikon D800  
August 2012   Diving Lembeh strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia  
July 2012   Diving Alor, Indonesia  
July 2012   Diving Ras Muhammad, Sinai, Egypt  
July 2012   Sinai, Egypt  
June 2012   Diving in Bahamas  
June 2012   Nikon D800 (Busting the Myth of Megapixels)  
April 2012     Embroidered Picture  
January 2012   "UV Fluorescence" gallery is added  
January 2012   "Ambient - spot light" gallery is added  
January 2012   "Macro - spot light" gallery is added  
December 2011   Diving in Shagra, Egypt  
October 2011   A complete redesign of all galleries.  
August 2011   Diving in Vis, Croatia  
July 2011   Diving in Cocos island, Costa Rica  
July 2011   Review of theLight Shaping Device (LSD( in Underwater Photography  
May 2011   Diving in Bodrum, Turkey  
April 2011   Diving in Socorro Islands, Mexico  
March 2011  

DX or FX

(Which sensor size is better for underwater photography?)

February 2011  

Complete reorganisation of galleries:

"Underwater Gallery", "Land Images" and "Latest Images"
galleries are introduced.

February 2011   "Underwater Panorama" gallery is added